That’s Retailtainment! How Wifi In Your Store Could Boost Your Business

That’s Retailtainment! How Wifi In Your Store Could Boost Your Business

The brick and mortar store has much to contend with against the rising popularity of e-commerce, which is why some form of retailtainment, such as providing wifi in your store, may be one of the most powerful tools for the retailer today. As many consumers are turning to online shopping versus physically shopping in an actual store, e-commerce is a force to be reckoned with. In attempts to retain customers, maintain brand and store appeal, and revive an interest in the shopping experience, many stores are opting for various versions of retailtainment. Retailtainment could range from the obvious like hiring a DJ to spin the latest electronic dance music to promote a new cosmetic line to the much more subtle like offering wifi for your customers.

Build trust by adding guest wifi

While it may sound somewhat counter productive to offer free access to the Internet in an effort to retain the very customers who may be becoming more inclined to shop online, there’s more to the idea than meets the eye.  To begin with, offering free wifi is an indication that your business has embraced technology and this on its own, can help boost the reputation of your brand. A recent statistic reveals that 50% of consumers feel comfortable making a large purchase in-store if Wi-Fi access is available. This indicates that understanding the value of wireless internet can in some cases determine whether or not you will close the sale. A store that provides wifi is not only showing the customer that it is a store that is continually changing with the times, but also that it recognizes the needs of its customers as well.

Add appeal for larger consumer base

Retailtainment works well when the strategy involves adding an element to the shopping experience that offers some value to the customer. Given the fact that up to 70% of consumers have a wifi enabled device in their pockets while in stores, offering wifi access is not only valuable but also very appealing to many people. Consider the fact that 90% of consumer mobile activity while on in store wifi consists mostly of checking emails, calendars, shopping, banking, and social activity and you can see that multitasking in today’s world is happening all the time! If a business facilitates these important activities by offering guest wifi, chances are good that the consumer will appreciate it!

In addition, the consumers of today are more tech savvy than ever before so they may have a different set of expectations from stores than before. The world is developing technologically at an extraordinarily rapid pace and it is important to keep up with it. In 2012, the United Nations declared that internet access is a basic human right, and today there are many cities around the world that offer free wifi access citywide.  By offering guest wifi, you will be better equipped to provide guest satisfaction. Offering wifi accommodates the changing needs of your consumers and also widens your appeal to a younger generation and its tech-driven expectations.

More Time in Store = More Sales

Besides the benefits to your customers, the logical reason for how wifi in your store can also benefit you as well, boils down to a simple equation: If a customer is able to access wifi in your store, there is a greater likelihood that she will spend more time in your store; If a customer spends more time in your store, there is a greater likelihood that she will also spend more money as well. This logic is actually behind almost all retailtainment strategies and is effective for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, providing wifi or some other form of retailtainment is a great way to invite the customer into your store. Secondly, by encouraging the consumer to enjoy what your retailtainment offers, you are also welcoming the customer to stay in your store for longer periods of time. This has been proven to result in increased sales as a recent study of brick and mortar stores showed. Of the stores that were surveyed, 62% said that free wifi resulted in customers spending more time in their store and about 50% said that their sales increased as well. In addition, offering free wifi access for your customers can also mean repeat future visits as well.

Obtain Data Through WiFi Analytics

Knowing about your customers, their buying habits, and other details related to their experience in your store may be the best way to learn and get to know your customers and improve your current and future relationships with them. Online retailers typically have had an edge on brick and mortar stores in that this type of data can be easily extracted with merely a click of a button. That is, until the dawn of wifi analytics which can be obtained by providing wifi to your customers. A wifi analytics solution opens the door for stores to record and access valuable analytical details like those used by online retailers. Information such as total foot traffic, the number of new customers, network trends, visit duration, the number of repeat customers, users who access social networking sites, gender, age, and other relevant data can all be gathered through wifi analytics. This data can then be exported to a sales and/or marketing database, analyzed and then used in many ways to benefit existing and future business opportunities. Information gained from wifi traffic analytics can provide your sales managers and marketing teams with the data needed to target your customers more accurately, improve sales techniques, employ more successful methods of advertising, expand your general customer audience, determine which visual displays are most effective, and many other types of relevant info that can better serve your customers and increase your sales volumes.

Customers today value a store or brand that gives them an incentive for being there and which offers a reason for them to come back. Offering wifi in your store is a relatively simple way to show your customers that your store recognizes their needs, that you are moving with the changing currents of technology, and that they can feel free to spend more time in your store. Providing retailtainment like this can make a huge impact on your profits and also your overall brand image and reputation. For more information on getting started with WiFi In Your Store or to learn more about other ways that retailtainment can boost your business, contact us at Flonomics today!

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