Traffic Counters For Museums

When friends ask, “what is Flonomics and what do you do?”, the simple answer is “people counting”. While the retail application for our technology seems pretty obvious, sometimes other applications need more explanation. Do you know that you can find Flonomics in other locations like museums, libraries, recreation centers, dealerships, and more? When we talk about using counters in these attractions, people typically react surprised. In this blog, we will talk about the use of our technology in museums.

Traffic counters at museums are a great tool for administrators. Many museums don’t charge admission and so have no obvious way to know how many patrons they have. For museums, knowing patrons means staffing better, adjusting hours, enhancing facility and exhibit design, and being able to communicate   more effectively with funding sources about museum traffic.

Here are some ways to leverage our technology

Visitor Experience

Installing a counter at revolving exhibits. Utilizing a traffic counter at this location allows you to understand which exhibit attracts more visitors. Maybe that new history exhibit on peanuts wasn’t the most interesting one of the year. Now the exhibit on Black Beard the Pirate, it brought in more traffic than any other exhibit.



Funding Requests

Obtaining proper funding is a critical part of a successful nonprofit and often the hardest aspect of NPO growth. Traffic counters can be leveraged to request additional funding. As your visitor count increase, the need for more staff and maintenance costs will rise. Use these numbers to validate the need for additional support. Our team can even help generate these reports for you.


Volunteer Retention

Museums often utilize volunteers, but with any volunteer role the hours of service are often overlooked. To keep your volunteers engaged we suggest adjusting schedules with visitor traffic. Having spent many hours as a volunteer, arriving with nothing to do, diminishes the positivity about the role.



Interested in learning more about how Flonomics can assist your museum? Contact us today for a free demo of our software.