Visitor Traffic Solutions

Flonomics Experience Manager

Dashboard of our people counter

Dashboard Features

Easy to login from any device

Unlimited automated reports including important data

Unlimited number of users

Ability to predict future traffic trends

Unlimited custom reports

Automated system alerts

It will also enable you to identify funding needs more accurately based on visitorship, seasonal peaks, staffing requirements and reports for popular exhibits.

Custom Reports

Using Flonomics’ powerful Experience Manager, create a custom report that gives you exactly the information you need. Slice and dice your data to answer all your questions. And when you have the format you like, subscribe to it so you can receive the report exactly when you want it.

custom reports
Eurecam white people counting device


Flonomics provides state-of-the-art hardware solutions for your brick & mortar location. We will provide the proper solution depending on your needs. We have both 2d and 3d counter options. 3d devices are used to measure dwell time, queue management, and height filtering.

Our standard option is the indoor 30mm lens which provides the most accuracy. If your location has taller ceilings, a different housing is required.


Website Traffic

Point of Sale Data

Weekly Weather

Custom Reports

Flonomics Performance Manager is easy to integrate any and all data you would like to compare against your visitor traffic using our API.