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Integration Partners

Flonomics and Square have teamed up to create an all-in-one retail solution. Square's POS is integrated on our Retail Performance Manager dashboard to help provide business owners with a holistic view of store conversions.
Now you can access your web analytics from the Flonomics Performance Manager. Google Analytics works with Flonomics technology to provide a seamless view of web performance and physical traffic at your location.

Technology Partners

Flonomics is the sole distributor of Eurecam's people counting hardware in the US. Partnering since 2013, providing superior people counting solutions for our clients is the number one goal.
Flonomics partnered with Amazon Web Services in 2010 to provide secure, safe data storage and flawless access to the Flonomics Experience Manager. AWS has provided us with the capacity to easily servers as we have grown.

Channel Partners

Flonomics and Who’s Up have great synergy together. Flonomics handles the visitor insights and Who’s Up handles tracking the results when the customer engages with the salesperson. Together we tell a more accurate story about what’s happening with that visitor traffic.
LockState is the global leader in cloud-based access control for retail businesses. Our partnership with them allows us to combine the benefit of comprehensive access control with the Flonomics suite of solutions for that shape the experience for attractions and retail.