State Museums: How Behind-the-Scenes Management Makes History Come Alive

State Museums: How Behind-the-Scenes Management Makes History Come Alive

Here in the United States, we are lucky to have an abundance of museums. Some contain world art, others highlight the life and works of famous Americans, and still others put their state’s unique history and culture on display. These state museums are popular destinations for tourists traveling from outside the U.S. as well as road-tripping American citizens; and perhaps the most supportive subset of visitors are locals, who are eager to learn more about and celebrate their state’s rich past and blossoming present.

In order to provide an authentic and engaging experience for visitors, these state museums recognize the importance of museum management as being a key lever in designing the best exhibits and monitoring their popularity, providing adequate staffing, and securing essential funding. Excellent museum management goes hand-in-hand with an excellent visitor experience and aids state museums in their quest to conserve local and natural history.

Below are some modern examples of how state museums are taking advantage of top-notch museum management so they can provide guests with a vast array of exhibits that truly showcase the incredible stories behind each state’s history.

The Museum of Natural & Cultural HistoryEugene, Oregon

Oregon’s natural history museum currently has an exhibit called “Oregon: Where Past is Present” that delves into more than 14,000 years of state history. It also provides impressive interactive features, where guests can weave baskets, try their hand at being an archaeologist, and much more.

North Carolina Museum of HistoryRaleigh, North Carolina

This state museum offers more than exhibits and beautiful collections, many of which are free to the public, requiring extensive museum management of budgeting allocations. The NC Museum of History also offers such resources as Conservation Assistance Day, where patrons can bring up to three items to the museum and receive an expert assessment as well as advice on care. Services like this involve the community in the act of conservation and encourage all to take part in preserving North Carolina’s history.

California Museum Sacramento, California

This west coast state museum has been designated as the public showcase for the California State Archives but also offers a wealth of knowledge and information via featured exhibits and events. In 2004, former First Lady Maria Shriver worked with the museum to open the popular “California’s Remarkable Women” collection. Since then, the museum has continued to dedicate itself to showcasing the history of all residents, particularly women and under-represented groups.

Historic Arkansas MuseumLittle Rock, Arkansas

The history of Arkansas gets represented in an incredibly unique fashion at this local museum. Visitors get to literally travel back in time as they observe and interact with living history performers portraying actual historical figures. In addition to that visual delight, there are a plethora of activities available for people of all ages that allow a hands-on approach to understanding history.

Though these museums are just a few examples of how state museums are modernizing and streamlining their efforts to conserve and share their histories, they serve as models in the field of preservation. Trend-setting collections and interactive exhibits require top-of-the-line museum management. At Flonomics, emphasis on spending crucial funding effectively and efficiently is a top priority, along with optimization of your museum’s day-to-day activities. Maximize what your museum can offer its visitors by relying on behind-the-scenes expertise. Contact us today.

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