Don’t Let Online Annoy The Customer Experience

Don’t Let Online Annoy The Customer Experience

A friend recently wrote the following email to a retailer with both an ecommerce and brick and mortar presence about their customer experience…

Dear Redacted,

I feel I have been sufficiently punished for taking a casual interest in your plates. I have lots of plates. I am not shopping for plates.

Just because I once clicked on a link for your plates did not mean I wanted them in my feed EVERY DAY FOREVER.

Also, these plates are the stuff of nightmares. Owls do not, to my certain knowledge, have broad, manly shoulders. I often find animals dressed as people to be cute. But these ones, I do not.

Thank you.

Using cookies to haunt (retarget) your website visitors must be done carefully – otherwise you’re more likely to incent them to never visit your website  or store again. The solution? Consider using a frequency cap. From the Retargeter Blog:

“A frequency cap will limit the number of times a tagged user will see your ads and will prevent potential customers from feeling overwhelmed. Be strategic with how and when you serve ads, and take into consideration that not every website visitor will be at the same point in their purchase journey. We typically recommend 17-20 ads per user per month, but you can work with your retargeting provider to determine what makes the most sense for your campaign.”

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