You Can Do Better

Relationship Advice: You Can Do Better

We have all been on top of that mountain, and loving life. Sales are good, revenue is coming in and you’re riding the wave of success. But you can do better.

By not having a traffic counter you are missing out on valuable data. Here are some of the big questions a traffic counter can answer or provoke…

Sure the sales numbers look good but how do the conversions compare? Sales are up! Way up! but the overall conversion rates are down. This could be the items you are offering to your customers, lack of interest or enthusiasm from your sales staff. Now that you have the effect, it’s time to find the cause for this bad relationship.

This stores revenue was down, it must be the sales staff! Are you sure about that? Chances are it could be low traffic into the store. When we talking with employees their biggest pushback and fears is that Big Brother is keeping tabs through the traffic counter. Explaining that this is about so much more than conversions will help them understand it as an effective tool. Communication is a key component to a good relationship.

How is that marketing change going? Well the number of transactions are up! In reality your average conversion rate went down. So the advertisement brought in more money but a lot of people did not make purchases. Did the store run out of the item early, was the promotion too specific, or did you just reach the wrong demographic? This would would create a bad relationship with your customers, and potentially cause a breakup.