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Count on us to improve the way you run your business.

Flonomics was built from the ground up for retailers like you.

Our shopper counting system provides valuable insights to retail store owners and managers that enable them to make better, more well-informed decisions,
such as:

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Identifying gaps in marketing, and using our insights to optimize marketing strategy.

Using information about how long consumers stay in the store to discover whether they are getting the help they need.

Using cross-shopping analytics to determine performance at stores with multiple locations.

Understanding customer demographics and behavior patterns



Flonomics accurately counts more than 2,000,000 visitors each year to The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Running an attraction is a large and complex operation, one which requires efficient, informed management to ensure precious funding is spent appropriately. The Flonomics people counting system enables you to:

plan your exhibit layouts

optimize your staffing levels

address queue management, and

create promotions unique to your visitor base.

It will also enable you to identify funding needs more accurately based on visitorship, seasonal peaks, staffing requirements and reports for popular exhibits.

Dozens of casinos bet on Flonomics to provide accurate information in near real-time.

Casinos are often crazy, fast-paced environments with multiple entrances and exits. Like any retail environment, it’s vital that you know which areas generate the highest level of interest from casino-goers, which entrances see the highest traffic, and when visitor traffic numbers peak. Bet on video analytics to get accurate information. These insights are especially vital as you plan future promotions or additional games.

Bet on video analytics to provide accurate information