Is Your Business Traffic Dead?

Is Your Business Traffic Dead?

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1. Zombie Employees
Do you know those employees that drag themselves through the day, contributing the bare minimum? They’re not selling, not interacting with your customers, not making people want to return to your business. Beware that the zombification is contagious. So, how can you tell if you have some Working Dead of your own?

  • Listen to your customers. Their feedback can be really relevant on the overall conduct of an employee. Look out for the ones that only like to complain. Social media has become an increasingly common source of feedback, so make sure you’re listening to Facebook and Twitter channels. Yelp is also a great place to hear from customers.
  • Secret shopping is a more reliable and focused tool for gauging the pulse of your employees.
  • Craft anonymous employee surveys. It’ll give them a chance to freely express their level of satisfaction with the work environment and company values. Ask for their two cents on respect, fairness, trust and personal expression. It’s easy to create free surveys with Survey Monkey or Typeform

2. Is your location a Graveyard?
Choosing the right location is critical to your business’ success. Too busy or too slow, and you frighten business away. Future neighborhood development and road construction plans can also have a big impact. Some things to think about:

  • Is it easy to access from the street? Access is critical for quick item locations and still very important for destination locations. Unless you really love your coffee shop, you’re likely to opt for the quicker location.
  • Is the traffic right for your product?  Times Square may be great for a mass merchandise brand, but not for your an upscale boutique. Locations are also critical to attracting the right customers. Lots of lookers but no buyers can indicate a mismatch.
  • Compare your current locations! With a traffic counter you can compare your locations. Is one location doing far better than the other? With that information you can analyze the difference between your locations. Differences in sales results can be explained as much by traffic as differential marketing results, sales execution, or operational performance like inventory or delivery.

3. Marketing Vampires
Is your marketing spend leaving you dizzy? The ultimate goal of your promotion efforts is to introduce prospects to your store, encourage them to buy, and remind them to come back. Good marketing effectively positions your value proposition, Put a stake through poor marketing with these ideas:

  • Put your data to work. Data is one of the strongest assets that new technology has brought to marketers. Bust data out of silos, and get a look at the big picture. Consider pulling your data together with Tableau or Domo.
  • Match the message to the medium. Your customers have more choices and information than ever. Just moving that dusty offline campaign online will only cost money and bring disappointment. Instead of cutting and pasting your print ad onto your website, create short video for Facebook, images for Pinterest, and so on.
  • Expand your marketing team. One of the advantages of our modern time is that we can buy just what we need. Can’t afford a full time SEO expert? Find a freelancer for just what you can afford using Fiverr, or Upwork. Other options are local ad clubs, and agencies.
  • Use wifi marketing. By implementing wifi for your customers to use you can grow your email marketing list, design promotions to push to past customers, use the demographic data to understand your marketing segments and more! To discover more about wifi marketing.

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