What is wifi marketing?

A Wifi Marketing System is using a wireless internet device that provides free wifi to customers in exchange for an email address or other contact information. Wifi Marketing is the practice of creating an opt-in wifi network for your brick and mortar visitors to use while in your stores.

How is this different than people counting?

Flonomics people counting systems count everybody that walks in the door. Wifi marketing captures customers that use the free wifi. When wifi marketing & people counting come together, you are able to see a comprehensive view of your customer. It takes the guess work out of building an average customer profile by relying on data instead of opinion. It’s also collecting data whenever your store is open, allowing users to maintain an up-to-date customer profile.


Provides in-store wifi

Captures guest information

Captures guest demographics and statistics

Attribution analysis of guest visits and spending


Offer current guests promotions or content

Re-engage guests with offers or content

Refine marketing mix based on attribution analysis

Businesses using a wifi marketing system are collecting contact information from:

New in-store visitors

Valuable repeat customers

The collected contact information contributes to greater reach for current and future marketing campaigns, while demographic data works to inform sound business decisions and craft effective marketing campaigns.

Now your business can benefit from wifi marketing with Flonomics!

With our system you can:

Re-engage past customers and store visitors

Offer in-store incentives to return visits

Understand the value of your marketing efforts

Remarket products and services to past visitors

Installation is simple. We can use a plug and play access point, or you can utilize pre-existing hardware.

Thousands of business trust our people counting solution.
  •  Stores, malls, casinos, museums, rec centers… The Flonomics people counting solution is trusted by thousands of  business owners just like you every day.

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