The Future of Retail is Already Here, and it’s Augmented

When Google announced their Glass Project last spring, the tech world was set abuzz with excitement, criticisms, and a wave of people chomping at the bit to get their hands on this elusive and intriguing piece of technology.

Google Glass is the most recent invention of the search engine behemoth, stationing itself as a “wearable computing device” that allows users with a wireless connection to view messages, take photos, update their Facebook statuses or livestream their surroundings via a small camera and screen on the side of the glasses. This Augmented Reality is a game-changer for the technology world, and although Google Glass is positioned primarily as a personal device for end-users, the technology itself is starting to catch up to other industries and niches as well.

For retailers, access to an augmented reality is closer than you might think. A French company, appropriately named Augment, recently came out with a new piece of technology that allows retail owners and their salespeople help customers make better decisions about big ticket items, like furniture pieces or large appliances.

With this app in hand, you’ll be able to show a prospective customer how a certain product will look in a real-life setting. The app uses 3D imaging technology that overlays a realistic representation of any product into your surroundings, such as a piece of furniture, a wall hanging, a television or a piece of art. Retailers can use images that have already been cast as 3D models from participating eCommerce sites, or they can have Augment create a 3D image of any product as an add-on feature.

This takes the customer from, “I just don’t know,” to, “it fits perfectly!” which translates into higher conversion rates for you and your store, and happier customers who won’t be surprised when their new purchase shows up at their door.

To learn more about this new application, visit the Augment website.