Flonomics API and Integrations

Did you know Flonomics offers an API to connect all of your data?

API’s are helpful when working with various organizations and data points. They allow all of the systems to work together. You probably use some form of API (Application Program Interface) every day and you don’t even know it.

All of our customers can take advantage of this at no additional charge. Some of our clients utilize the API to create website widgets. Others pull data into their own database for in-house analytics teams. Our Flonomics API can provide people counts for an entire organization or a single location over a given period of time. The call is made with an HTTPS GET and the resulting data is provided in XML.

Some of our clients prefer to store their revenue data on our secure dashboard. We offer and assist with an inbound API.  This call is made with an HTTPS GET and the status response is provided in XML. To ensure your data is secure the call requires a 32 bit security key to send and retrieve any data.

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