Flonomics has been providing accurate IoT technology for collecting and reporting visitor information since 2010. We work with retail stores, museums, libraries, and casinos both big and small. Learn more about our history, where we are today and our ideas for the future by reading below.


Flonomics was founded in 2010. At the beginning we focused on using people counter technology as the basis for delivering meaningful analytics for mid-market retail and attractions. We developed the Retail Performance Manager, a cloud-based software that served as a platform for integrating people counter data with other data like transaction counts, revenue, staffing levels, weather, and so on. Our early focus on people counters also made us experts in the IoT (Internet of Things) hardware used in retail and attractions like POS systems, beacons, and WiFi. We partner with best of breed hardware providers and provide a robust analytic application to our customers so they know exactly what is happening in their locations. We integrate with other systems including POS (Point of Sale), HCM (Human Capital Management) and BI (Business Intelligence).


Our biggest differentiator is our customer service. We respond to all issues immediately, and rarely have any outstanding trouble tickets at the end of the day. An example of our commitment is when we drove 8 hours to find that a single Cat5 cable was corroded, much to the museum’s chagrin. 60 seconds of maintenance and they were back up again.

Outages cause us physical pain.

Secondly, we believe we listen to our customers. Without their voice we have nothing, so our technology development and direction is directly guided by that voice, both in terms of improvement from direct suggestions, and innovation from unmet needs.


The future for brick and mortar locations is to provide a matchless experience that becomes the product. Flonomics will provide the enabling technology to ensure that the experience meets the needs of the retailer and the demands of the consumer. This includes the analytics to measure, test and optimize what is happening in and around the store as influenced by lighting, signage, mirrors, beacons, and yes, counters.

The consumer also is not terribly concerned about the distinction between online and offline. They want to be surprised and delighted by a seamless transition between channels. This will have to be driven by the retailers ability to attribute online and offline visits. We expect that the consumer will be a willing participant in this experience and will drive the experience as much as the retailer.

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