Will You Be At The American Alliance of Museum?

Flonomics is heading to the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Museum Expo at the beginning of May! We are looking forward to showcasing our people counting technology to museum professionals and fans traveling to Arizona from all over the country. 

This Year

Since January 2018, Flonomics has been hard at work improving our process and executing our company wide goals. We are looking forward to showcasing our latest technology at our booth with attendees at the Museum Expo event.

Our Museum Experience

We have experience working with museums all over the country. Flonomics works with many different types of museums. Often our museum clients rely on grant and outside funding to provide their services to the community for free. They rely on our technology to provide accurate people counts and exhibit traffic as well as analytics 

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Q&A with Flonomics Staff

What are you most excited about for the Museum Expo?

“I am most excited about traveling to Phoenix to showcase our booth and engage with potential new clients. We are working on a really fun and engaging design. Not to mention, our software is improving, allowing us to deliver an overall better product to our customers. Our booth number is 2019 – be sure to come visit us!” – Kelsey Gibbons (Marketing Manager)

What about the AAM Museum Expo in Phoenix makes it attractive to attend?

“This is the premiere opportunity for museum staff and vendors to get together in the US, share best practices, and see what is new and exciting. Generally the museum economy is growing and is an exciting place to be working. And Phoenix is a wonderful city.” – Charles Von Thun (President)

What is your favorite museum and why?

“I have two favorite museums. The first one is the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum. It’s really unique and has tons of history. The second one is a more recent favorite, when I was visiting clients in New England, I stopped at the Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. I truly enjoyed the one-of-a-kind experience, and learned about the witch trials of the late 1600’s. The tour was very informative and the guides were knowledgeable. I would highly recommend either museum.” – Jordan White (Director of Operations)

“My favorite museum is easily the National WW1 Museum and Memorial in Kansas City [because] I feel a deeply personal connection to WW1 because of my grandfather’s service in the French Army towards the end of the war. The museum is extremely well done, and has a vast number of artifacts that it can draw on for new exhibits. The programs that the museum does are also excellent.” – Charles Von Thun (President)

Will you be at the American Alliance of Museums Museum Expo in Phoenix and looking to get more out of your museum operation? Get in touch with Flonomics, or stop by our booth.