Shopper Counting & Advanced Analytics for Offline

It's time to level the playing field. We've taken metrics previously reserved for online retailers and unleashed them for the offline world. Game on.

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A Dashboard That Shows You What's Important

Our dashboard shows you the most important insights up front. Compare shopper counting data against revenue, marketing spend, the weather and more—all in real-time. 

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Accurate &
Reliable Sensors

Our 98% verifiably accurate shopper counting system gives retailers the confidence to turn data into action.

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The Latest From Flonomics

We’re excited about the future of shopper counting, and we think you should be, too. Check out recent news from Flonomics in the Newsroom,

or take a look at our blog to find out what’s happening in the shopper counting industry.

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Driving ROI with Optimized Marketing and Sales

There are certain tools you need to start driving your ROI by optimizing your marketing efforts and understanding your customer base on a deeper level.


"Flonomics really is leading-edge technology. It's accuracy verification process really gives us confidence in the data. Moreover, the rapid aggregation of guest counts to their cloud-based system allows us to improve our operation in real-time!"

- Randy Fisher, Director of IT

“What makes Flonomics different is not by counting, but by providing valuable analytics that help us make actionable decisions to improve our business.”

- Allison Woolard, Director of Marketing 

“The Flonomics solution has helped us to understand our conversion rate and necessary staffing levels. I love the fact that it's so visual and easy-to-use, and it helps give me the data and information I need to run my business on a daily basis.”

- Doug Meadows, Owner 

“We have so many entrance gates; this system gives us the most accurate numbers of who enters the shrine or who enters the gift shop.”

- Michael Dutton, Director of Administration